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This is a wiki containing biographical and prosopographical relevant information about Ottomans and historical persons connected with the Ottoman Empire. Its intended audience is historians of the Ottoman Empire. Its main focus is on providing chronological data and on giving pointers to relevant primary and secondary literature. The project is heavily indebted to Sinan Kuneralp who graciously donated an electronic copy of the chapter on "Şahıs Verileri" of his book Son Dönem Osmanlı Erkân ve Ricali (1839-1922). Prosopoprafik Rehber, 2 baskı İstanbul: İsis, 2003, and allowed its publication on this wiki. The wiki is currently maintained by Christoph Herzog. If you have ideas, corrections or additions please email me. I will be glad to add your contribution to the wiki.

List of persons in this wiki

Click here to view an alphabetic list of all persons currently included in this wiki. You can, of course, also use the wiki search.

New additions and edits

Mehmed İsmet Paşa, Ramazanoğlu/Deli

İbrahim Derviş Paşa, Lofçalı

Mehmed Reşid Paşa, Darbhor

Lamec Saad